As the year 2014 is winding down, i am trying to perk up. 

This year has been a roller coaster of things, for everyone.  I feel as if every person in my life had a life altering experience this year.  These experiences range from death of a spouse, to a new marriage, to first babies, second babies,  and the expecting of babies. 2014 has been year of change. 

For me, I have learned to let go. It was not easy, and there were times i struggled. But, I let go.  I let go of lost loves, expectations of others, bad spending habits, negativity, and doubt.  I will always have doubt, but I’ve learned not to doubt myself.

I have learned that i have value. Me.  I am enough. No one else can make decisions for you.  You have to make your decisions. You know what is best. Do not doubt yourself or your value. 

I know there are times that i really do not feel good about myself,  my actions,  or my situation. I have made my bed,  i must lie in it or change the sheets.  I choose clean sheets.

I have decided 2015 is a year that i will change. I have been working on my finances, and will continue to do so.  I have been working on my positivity and outlook, i will still keep that going. I will also work on spending more time with family. They are important and should be told and shown often.

Here is to a better life style in 2015!


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