*Face palm*

Hi guys, this may turn into a fitness blog for me over the next few weeks. I didn’t start this blog with any specific theme in mind; however, I did start it with the intention of sharing things that are important to me, and probably others.

My mornings usually consist of coffee, shower, puppy,  and work. This week, I have been  incorporating yoga into my morning routine. I am doing this in order to prep for my 21 day fix class with Coach Tulin.  (I keep mentioning her,  and you may get sick of Tulin, Tulin,  Tulin but she is seriously my new shero!) This morning I had to work at 10, instead of 11.  Now this is not early, but I forgot.

I set my alarm for 7, so I could do my yoga, get ready, and drive to see Maci to let her out to potty and play a bit.  I woke up and lazed around at 8, i realized I didn’t have time for yoga or Maci today.  Needless to say, my day started out a little rotten.

I am bummed there wasn’t enough time for Maci play time, she is adorable and makes my day. I have to admit, and am so proud of this, I have been majorly bummed about missing my yoga this morning! I can tell I missed it, because feel sluggish, sleepy, and bleh. 

There is a bedtime series of yoga by Adriene that I ran across yesterday and cannot wait to get home and try it. I think this is the first time in my life I have been excited about exercising, usually I dread it.

I credit my support group of Plus size ladies in helping to motivate me,  and allowing me to realize perfection is not what we are striving for. We are striving for movement,  happiness, and health. Fitness comed with the above things, and remember #fithasnosize !

**Update: I got home late, but still did my bedtime series of yoga. I’m starting to feel a little something in my legs and stomach, so I know I’m building some muscle up. That makes me feel fantastic.

Great news too. I got my 21 day fix package in the mail too. I cannot wait to read through it all.


2 thoughts on “*Face palm*

  1. HI Amber! I am one of the ladies in the support group and thought I would pop in and say hello. Thank you for the excitement and even encouragement, whether you realize it or not. As women, you are right, we need to build one another up, not break each other down. What one woman is experiencing now in their journey, may be what another has already experienced. And with that, we can become connected to one another. It isn’t about me but all of us. So thank you for your blog and I look forward to hearing about your journey. Fit has no size and as long as we challenge ourselves on a daily basis, that is being the best we can be, in that moment!

  2. Deanna, thank you so much for those encouraging words! You are correct, everyone has a journey, and need to support each other, as well as the travels! It means so much that you stopped by and shared. I cannot wait to start our journey together!

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