Beemon and the Beachbody

I have had so many people ask me about the program I am doing.  I wanted to actually share some of it here with you.  I thought it would be easier than trying to update the information in a Facebook status.

I joined a Challenge group, hosted by my new celebrity (to me) BFF, Coach Tulin Emre.  I LOVE HER!  I cannot say this enough.  She is an amazing woman and inspiration, not only in fitness, but it in life.  She has so much insight and wisdom to share on so many levels.  My coach focuses on plus-sized women who are battling PCOS, Endometrioses, Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, and all of the other health issues that can come with being a “full bodied” person.  (I use this term in honor of Leonard Nemoy.)   I also say can come with, because not everyone suffers from the same outcome, so there are many different health problems/risks for anyone, not just plus sized women.

I found out a year ago I had endometrioses.  This was devastating for me.  I researched and I realized  a lot of women suffer from this same issue.  I have had surgery, which has helped with the physical issues so far.  During the process of my research, I found Coach Tulin.  I watched some of her videos, about modification of exercises for bigger women, and I watched her helpful hint videos.  I sat for hours watching the content.

During my private viewing, I not only learned the had lost 80 lbs., but she had lost everything a few years ago.  She had been homeless with two kids, and a husband who had lost his ability to walk due to MS.  Now, this is a rundown, if you want to hear the whole story, look her up on YouTube.  She was inspiring as a person to me first, and then eventually a physical inspiration.  I stalked her online for over a year.  I had reached out and made contact a couple of times.  It took me almost a year, but I finally decided to go all in.

She mentioned her Challenge group on Facebook first.  I stalked around, and eventually reached out.  Her first question to me was, “What are you looking for in your life?”  I sat stunned for a minute, why is she asking about life when I’m talking about her Challenge group to workout.  Then it hit me, after all of my stalking and creeping around her social media sites, she is interested in the smaller details to get to the BIG result.

I told her my story.  I have had gastric bypass.  I have lost 150 lbs. in 3 years.  I have gained 30 lbs., if not 40 lbs, of that back.  I had stopped being active and started being lazy.  I wanted a workout that I could do, a plan that I could follow, and I know she could help me get that.  I mean we were the same weight, and she was doing!  I had to be able to do it.

Now, I have never been athletic.  Ever.  In my life.   As I shared before, running a lap around the football field during band camp terrified me.  This was a challenge, but I did not that I felt better than I had before, but now I was not feeling so great.  I knew it would be a challenge, but I also knew the challenge group was a support group, as well.  She told me about her group, what she expected.

She expected me to show up.  That is it.  She is a coach, not a coddler.  She would work for me, if I worked for me.  If I disappeared, she was not chasing me.  It was all up to me.  I know me well enough, to know that I need some sort of structure in my life to make a change.  She told me about cleaning eating, and for me, some of it has been a challenge, but since my surgery, I ate pretty clean, except for the Starbucks.  (Dramatic music here…)

She did not tell me I could not have Starbucks, she just said, you have to find what fits you.  This is the plan I recommend.  I looked it over, I thought, I can try anything for 30 days.  See if I like it, if I see results, if I don’t send it back for my money back.  I even signed up as a coach so I could get the coach’s discount.  Any discount is better than no discount.  Am I right?

So I signed up for the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology.  I have done protein shakes pretty consistently since my gastric bypass, so I was prepared.  Oh honey, I was NOT prepared. It was delicious!  So nom.  With my package, I received two 21 day Fix workout DVD’s (30 minutes of intense workout a day), I received the 21 day Clean Eating Guide, the containers that they recommend to measure your servings with, my Shakeology, and the blender bottle.  Oh, and a bonus PLYO workout DVD.

I felt like a sponge.  I could not get through all of the material fast enough.  I read everything, I looked at everything, I felt like it was Christmas.  I even watched all of the workouts to see what I was getting into.  I saw it and thought, I can do this.  If I need help, I have Tulin.  She is literally a phone call, a message, or an e-mail away.  She is there for me.

Needless to say, I have not looked back since I started this journey.  I love it. I have not regretted making my decision to start the fix, and I find that I feel better.  I have more energy.  I crave my Shakeology.  By the way, this is not a protein drink, or a liquid diet.  The drink is dense nutrition.  I will post a link to the video that tells you everything that is it in.  It is amazing. It is like a so many superfoods that taste like chocolate.  Hello, my love…. I eat more now than I ate before I started, but I am making healthier eating decisions, and never feel hungry.  I actually do not like to call it a diet, because it is not.  It is just a different life for me.  It is a lifestyle change, just like getting healthy has always been.

I just wanted to share since I have had so many people ask me what I am doing, and how it works.  Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have, I LOVE talking about my journey with everyone.  Also, I am a coach, so if you want to try anything that I have mentioned, ask me!  Don’t just depend on the website and google to help you.  Ask me!  You all know me so well, and know I will be so honest it hurts sometimes.  So ask me!

As promised the video: (watch until the end, it’s funny and short!)


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