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I read one of those “10 reasons why dating a woman with anxiety is unlike dating any other woman” articles the other day.  Thinking, wrongly, it looked interesting.  By the end, I was so irritated by the article and its stereotypes I was seeing red.  I understand I am not the only woman, or person,… Continue reading Anxiety


*Face palm*

Hi guys, this may turn into a fitness blog for me over the next few weeks. I didn't start this blog with any specific theme in mind; however, I did start it with the intention of sharing things that are important to me, and probably others. My mornings usually consist of coffee, shower, puppy,  and… Continue reading *Face palm*


The Beginning of a New Journey

**For my family and friends,  this does have language.  I read a blog entry titled, "What the fuck is Fuckable."  In the blog, a woman describes how she has been preparing for a role for two years,  only to find out two weeks before filming she is being let go.  The reason, she just wasn't… Continue reading The Beginning of a New Journey