Weekend with the Family

This weekend was a busy, but super enjoyable one.  My grandmother turned 84 Friday.  I drove down to spend the weekend with her.  I got there Friday night, and my mom also came to stay the night, since my dad was fishing out of town for the weekend.  We had a nice visit.  Spending that much time with both my mother and my grandmother is so few and far between, it made me feel good to get to do it.

Saturday the family surprised my grandmother with a birthday party.  You cannot slip anything past her, so the fact that I was with her for a solid day before, and she never even suspected it, was a definite win.  I was so happy we pulled it off.  I have some of my favorite photos to share with you guys.  I am a picture feign, so I am constantly clicking away.  I think photographs are the only memories we will have of certain moments, and those should be captured.

2016-01-31 18.50.00

This is my granny, she deserves her own blog.


This is my nephew Everett with his dad, Dennis.  (I call my cousin’s babies my nieces and nephews.  It’s just what I do.)


This is my adorable little niece Lea,  she loves cake!


This is me with Owen, Lea’s little brother.  This is a monumental moment, because he actually came to me, and we chilled.

20160130_153018 (1)

This is a picture of my two cousin’s, Melissa and Ann, and my Aunt Polly. (Melissa is Owen and Lea’s mom, and Ann is Everett’s.

As you can see, we had a house full, and tons of babies around.  My cousins have somehow miraculously been able to produce the cutest kids EVER.  Don’t you agree?

Also, I get my crazy dog lady personality from my family.  Before I had Maci, I adopted Bailey.  She was a baby, and a rescue, and adorable.  I asked my grandmother to babysit while I was out of town one weekend, and she bonded with Bailey like I never thought possible.  My grandmother, who I have never seen cry, was at the edge of tears when I was packing up Bailey’s toybag.  Needless to say, Bailey is the best decision I ever made, because she is my granny’s baby.  She is my baby too, but my granny was taken with her, and 10 years later they are inseparable.


This is my and my little Bailey Bug.

I have been super nostalgic today, and though the best way to just be in my feelings was to write about them.  Share the photographs, my family, and my happiness with the small community of people who read and keep up with my blog.

Thanks for visiting and sharing with me my awesome weekend.



Friday the 13th…

HAPPY FRIDAY, my people! I am pretty pumped about this weekend. Not that I have major plans, but because I am off of work and can sleep in! This morning I cheated again, I slept a little longer, and put yoga off until tonight. I really enjoy my yoga in the morning, as well at night. It helps get my pumped for the morning, and helps me slow down and chill at night. Weird, right?

My goal was to get up early, by 7, every morning in preparation for Week 1 of my 21 Day Fix. Coach Tulin told us all to work out in the morning, before anything else. First thing, so I made an effort to adjust my schedule beforehand. I did not want to hurt myself or my progress by not being ready for the morning, or the workout. (I still may not be ready for the workout, but I am going to try it!)

Today was an extremely long day for, so I skipped out of work a little early. I went to see the boyfriend and the pup. Both make me happier in way that I ever thought I could be. We discussed my 21 day fix information, and tomorrow, I am taking him the book to look at. He has been wonderful in the support in every aspect of the journey. He supported the cost, which I had a hard time swallowing, and he is also supporting and even asking about my yoga workouts this week. I know if I need a little kick in the booty, which he will be there to do the job.

Also, I had my measurements done yesterday at work. I have the record put up safely and ready for the improved list to compare to at the end of the month. I am really pumped about getting results. I just have to remember any result is better that no result. Non-scale victories are important!

Non-scale victories are just as important, if not more important than the scale victories. If I have gained three pounds, but I can do a push up, as a week ago I couldn’t. Guess what, the push up is a non-scale victory, and that is something to be proud of. I have noticed a little bit of soreness in my core, and I am proud of that! Today I kept flexing my tummy, just to feel the twinge of difference. That is muscle building people!

I feel like I really don’t have a lot more to say except for this weekend is much needed, and I am ready for it! I just really wanted to put my thoughts down about my new journey! Thanks for the support and continued reading!