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It has been a while since I last updated the masses on the happenings in my world, so what better time than the beginning of a new year.  Happy 2016, everyone! I am always happy to see a New Year come bursting forth with the fireworks, ball drops, and drunken people into the streets; however,… Continue reading Repurpose


Me? Me? Or me?

I have struggled with depression for most of my adult life.  I am sure I struggled with it as a teen too, but never really thought twice about it.  I sucked it up and moved on. As an adult, it has been much harder.  I think as we grow up, we realize that life does… Continue reading Me? Me? Or me?

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Friday the 13th…

HAPPY FRIDAY, my people! I am pretty pumped about this weekend. Not that I have major plans, but because I am off of work and can sleep in! This morning I cheated again, I slept a little longer, and put yoga off until tonight. I really enjoy my yoga in the morning, as well at… Continue reading Friday the 13th…


Technology vs. Initmacy

Living during the time that technology is leading the way in everything, it is hard to realize when instead of doing good, technology is doing harm. Think back to when you were younger; did you always have everything at your fingertips? Did you rely on technology to get you from point a to point b?… Continue reading Technology vs. Initmacy